Our drinking water, toilet and photovoltaic projects in developing countries

With our projects we want to contribute to a better supply of clean drinking water and hygienic toilets in poor countries. We plan the concept and realise the projects we have planned. As a rule, local companies are commissioned with the construction of the facilities. 

Project 2023/2024

Toilets and water supply for more hygiene in Mayowe School Kenya. 

The school with more than 500 students and 17 teachers and support staff urgently needs sufficient clean toilets and water for washing hands.

Project 2023-4 

The new water supply for Merimandroso, Madagascar

The drilling work for the groundwater well has begun. Soon, the agricultural school and the people living in the surrounding area will finally have enough clean water.

Project 2023-3 

New toilets and stairs for the Marohoho School in Madagascar

This school in the centre of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, has 290 pupils and 13 teachers. The classrooms on the first floor have been out of use for months because the middle landing of the outside staircase has collapsed. This means that 50% of the classrooms have been no more available for teaching. All toilets in the school can no longer be used due to their desolate condition. Teachers and pupils are forced to relieve themselves in the courtyard behind the school building in the middle of the city.

Project 2023/2

Medical Centre Nawanyago Uganda

For better medical care, the association Tusiima Nawanyago, based in Germany, has built a health centre in Uganda.
 WatSanAid has taken over the construction of a building with toilets, washrooms and showers.

Project 2023/1

Technical training in Switzerland for better water supply in Madagascar 

In Madagascar, only about 45% of the population has access to clean water. The people suffer from the inadequate water supply, the partly insufficient quality and the frequent interruptions in supply. In view of these problems, Preisig AG and WatSanAid invited two technicians from the state water utility Jirama to Switzerland for further training.

Project 2022/2023

A school building and hygienic toilets for the Juhudi School in Kenya

At present, about 450 children are taught in this primary school in cramped conditions. School desks are largely missing. The children sit on the floor and have no opportunity to do written work. The lack of school space has led to some classes having to be taught outdoors under trees. During the rainy season, classes are therefore cancelled altogether for the approximately 250 pupils affected. There is also a lack of hygienic toilets with hand-washing facilities. The school urgently needs better infrastructure.

Project 2022 

Toilet building for the agricultural school in Merimandroso, Madagascar

The school Foyer d'Education Agricola Merimandroso in the picture, was founded and built by the Association NY ANJARA MASOANDROKO. Until now, the school had no clean toilets and washing facilities. Preisig AG / WatSanAid planned a new toilet building and commissioned a local contractor to build it. 

Project 2022 pending

Construction of compost dry toilets

Compost toilets are dump toilets without water flush. The excrements fall directly into a container under the toilet seat. This container, a commercially available plastic barrel, must be emptied as soon as it is full. The contents of the barrel should, if possible, be composted together with other greenery, such as leaves, to produce valuable fertiliser. 

Unfortunately, we have not yet met any interest with such toilets.

Project 2021

Clean toilets for the children of the school in Goshene, Kenya

The children of this basic rural school in north-eastern Kenya are delighted with the clean toilets and washrooms they have never seen before. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, they learn to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating. Dental hygiene is also part of the learning programme. Only with better hygiene behaviour can the widespread diarrhoea among children in poor countries be reduced. 

Project 2018-2020

Drinking water supply for the  villages Ambohitrandriana and Mahavanona in the north of Madagascar.

The two villages with about 6500 inhabitants are located in northern Madagascar on the Sambirano River. Outside the rainy season, access is possible with allterrain vehicles, during the rainy season only with a motocross motorbike or a motor canoe on the Sambirano River. The inhabitants live in the most basic conditions from the cultivation of cocoa, vanilla and rice. Although the Sambirano River carries a lot of water, the people of both villages had no clean drinking water. With the new drinking water supply, water of impeccable quality is now available.

Project 2012-2016

Toilets and drinking water supply for Lovikopé in northern Togo, West Africa 

The Swiss association Togo Assist has built up a primary school in the remote village of Lovikopé, which is being run successfully. 

Our task was to plan and build a toilet facility for the school and a drinking water supply for the whole village. The material for the water tower, the water pumping system and the water supply network was delivered to Lovikopé from Switzerland. Part of this material has been donated to us by suppliers from our industry. The work on site was carried out by a local contractor. 

Pump house and water tower with 2 water tanks 5000 L

PDF Watersupply

Main water point in the village

Boy toilets with urinal and hand washing facility 

PDF Toilets

Project 2008

A small waterwork with solar power for Breü, a village in the Amazon region of Peru

Breü is a remote, poorly accessible settlement in the Amazon lowlands. A stream with murky water was the only way for the inhabitants to obtain water for their daily needs. Together with the Swiss Mission Indicamino, we supported the construction of a small solar-powered water supply system.  

The water pump and the water tank with 1000 L. The system can be operated with solar power or by hand,

The small waterworks with solar drive.

The inhabitants are happy about the water point with clean drinking water in the village.

Project 2008-2013

Drinking water, toilets and photovoltaics for the Gilgal Primary School in Namaliri, Uganda

The small one-man village school has developed over the years into a school with more than 500 pupils and teachers through the activities of the Swiss Seroma Association
Due to the growth of the school, the basic sanitary facilities had to be urgently expanded.

Our project included the construction of a drinking water supply and toilets in two stages.

In a third stage, a solar power system was planned and installed according to our specifications. This will enable at least the operation of the groundwater pump and emergency lighting to be maintained in the event of frequent power failures.

The new water tower 

The new toilet building

PDF for more Information (German)

The photovoltaic system