Drinking water supply for Merimandroso in Madagascar

In addition to the toilet building with composting toilets built in 2022, a water supply is being constructed for the agricultural school and the people living in the surrounding area. This will also give these people access to clean drinking water.

The School of Agriculture and Environmental Protection

A dirt road serves as access to the construction site

The construction of the water tower with reservoir 

The drilling of the groundwater well

Due to the geological situation, it was necessary to drill to a depth of 55 metres. The water yield is 500 litres per hour.

 The solar-powered groundwater supply construction is underway

The material for the solar power plant

The submersible pump for water 

The photovoltaic plant is installed

The school in Merimandroso finally has clean water

Washing hands after visiting the toilet

and showering is a new quality of life

The village population also benefits from the new water supply

Water kiosk for the village

Clean drinking water for all

Water for agriculture