Marohoho primary school in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar 

 Clean toilets, water for washing hands and a new staircase to the upper floor were urgently needed.

The school's old toilets 

The school's four previous toilets were in a catastrophic state. They could no longer be used. Washing hands after using the toilet was not possible. The fountain with three outlet valves at the bottom was no longer in operation. 

The old toilet cubicles no longer worked 

Open air toilets had to be used behind the school building 

There was no running water at the fountain. The old urinal at the bottom left.

The replacement solution for washing hands 

The plans for the new toilets 

Floor plan of the school grounds 

Girls' WC

 Boys' WC 

The construction of the new toilet building by Tovo Construction 

The access road to the school with a sewer 

 The chefs of TOVO Construction with Mrs V. Hartmann 

The old toilet building is demolished

The new location for the girls toilet is prepared

  The new boys' toilet building is finished 

The new girls' toilet building


Children and teachers now have clean toilets and washbasins with running water for the first time in their lives. As there is no toilet paper available, a water shower has been installed in each toilet. Ceramic tiles on the walls and floors make it easier to keep the facilities clean. 

The new water supply

The water meter was buried in the dirt

The water meter is now in a concrete shaft

Construction of the support frame for the water tank 

The construction of the supporting platform for the water tank 

The ladder to the water tank for maintenance

The water tank is delivered

Without a crane, it has to be lifted onto the platform

The protective railing for cleaning the tank

Replacement of the collapsed staircase to the 1st floor with a new staircase

Due to the collapsed landing, access to the classrooms on the first floor had to be closed to the children. During this time, only the classrooms on the ground floor could be used for lessons.

The school building, with the old toilets 

The dangerous hole in the staircase landing 

The demolition of the old staircase is complete 

Construction of the new staircase begins

The ECAE company has built the new staircase in record time and to a high standard, and the classrooms on the first floor can now be used again!

            The inauguration of the new toilet building and the staircase to the classrooms on the first floor

Our thanks

 We would like to thank the companies TOVO Construction and ECAE for their excellent work, as well as Mrs V. Hartmann for her organisational support on site and the financial support on site and the financial support of the Swiss aid organisation Kinder in NOT and other donors.