The Juhudi School in Kenya 

The Juhudi Primary School is located in Kenya, in the hinterland of Kilifi County, about 50 km north of Mombasa.
The geographical coordinates of the school are 3.65°S / 39.74°E.
The people in the school's catchment area live in very modest conditions, in simple mud huts without water or toilets. 

 The people in this area live in great poverty

The basins on the ground are used to collect rainwater from the roof. 

A bed without any comforte 

Living room, kitchen and goat shed all in one room

The school up to now

Learning to write under such conditions is not easy

At present, about 450 children are taught in this primary school in a very confined space, under deplorable conditions.

School desks with benches are only available for a small number of children. Writing is hardly possible for these children. 

The existing buildings are extremely dilapidated and in a desolate condition. There is no flooring.

Because there is not enough school space, some classes had to be taught outdoors. During the rainy season, classes were cancelled for many pupils.

The Swiss Embassy in Nairobi supported the construction of a new school building in 2016. This support was discontinued when the ambassador changed.

Hygiene in the toilets is also absolutely inadequate. There is only one tap on the entire school grounds.

The existing toilets consist of a hole in the floor. Toilet paper is not available. Washing hands after going to the toilet is not possible.

The improved infrastructure of the school

In view of the desolate building situation in this school and the inadequate sanitary facilities, Preisig AG has decided to improve the infrastructure of the school with its organisation WatSanAid in cooperation with the organisation Watoto-Goshene of Peter and Esther Wieser.

A new school building

The new school building has 5 large, bright classrooms and offers space for all pupils who previously had to be taught outside. All rooms have clean solid flooring. All classrooms are equipped with desks so that the children can also do written work. 

Peter Wieser opens the classrooms for use

The new desks are ready

Pupils and teachers are happy about the new classrooms

The two new toilet buildings for boys and girls

Washing hands, a new comfort

Manholes for emptying the septic tanks

Final acceptance by the authorities

The new drinking water supply

Peter Wieser puts the new drinking water supply into operation. Instruction sheets for good hygiene hang on the walls. The aim is to show the children at school, what they have to do, so that they will fall ill less often due to insufficient hygiene.

 Die Menschen in dieser Gegend leben in grosser Armut. 

Mit den Becken am  Boden wird Regenwasser von der Dachtraufe gesammelt.

Eine Bettstatt ohne jeglichen Komfort.

Wohnzimmer, Küche und Ziegenstall alles in einem einzigen Raum.

Rainwater is collected in large tanks to produce water

Processing rainwater into drinking water

Rainwater can be contaminated with bacteria. For this reason, it is filtered with an Aqua Pura system and made germ-free with ultraviolet radiation. The Aqua Pura system is capable of treating up to 1000 litres of drinking water per hour.

The Aqua Pura system, on the left the pre-filter, in the middle the water pump and on the right the container with the micro-filter and the UVC tube inside for irradiation.

On the test plate, numerous coli bacteria (black dots) are visible in the untreated water. This water causes diarrhoea, cholera and other diseases.

After treatment with the Aqua Pura system, the water is free of coli bacteria (the dark spots have disappeared). The water has now drinking water quality and does not cause illness. 

The following organisations and persons have supported this project:

  • Schweizer Hilfswerk KINDER IN NOT, 8001 Zürich
  • Familie Laurent Giacometti, 8702 Zollikon
  • Einwohnergemeinde Therwil, 4106 Therwil
  • Finanzverwaltung Kanton Thurgau, 8510 Frauenfeld 
  • Gemeindeverwaltung, 8702 Zollikon
  • Verein Aqua Pura, 8154 Oberglatt
  • Paul Güntensperger, 8508 Homburg
  • Preisig AG, 8050 Zürich

We thank also in the name of the organisation Watoto- Goshene, for the support and the trust which has been put in us.

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