Toilets for the new school in Goshene Kenya

The new school building

The school for the children of Goshene in north-east Kenya was newly built by Peter and Esther Wieser in 2017. The school toilet was a simple hut with a drain hole in the ground. To ensure that the school children and their carers do not have to continue relieving themselves on this drain hole in the ground or in the open, WatSanAid has planned and constructed a toilet building with the support of Preisig AG. Peter Wieser has supervised the construction work on site.  The new toilet building has washrooms where that the children and their carers can wash their hands. These are prerequisites to improve the children's hygiene behaviour and to reduce the risk of illness due to insufficient hygiene. 

The school

The children are also provided with food at school

The playground

Flor- and Sectional Plan for fhe new Toilet Building