The Merimandroso Agricultural School, Madagascar

The project for the new toilet building

The purpose of this project is to teach the young people better hygiene behaviour in addition to their agricultural education. Dry toilets with composting are implemented. This system should facilitate the disposal of faeces. In addition, the composting of faeces together with agricultural waste will produce valuable fertiliser. It is hoped that the benefits of this method will be recognised and that this toilet system will also attract interest in other places. 

The construction work

The construction work was carried out according to our plans and on our behalf by the company Entreprise de Construction et d'Adduction d'Eau, Antananarivo Madagascar.

The interior of the new toilet building

Compost toilet with hygienic toilet seat

Urinal for the men

Hand-washing basin for more hygiene

Probably the first shower in life for some of the students.

Compost WC

As is common in most developing countries, a sewage system is not available here. That is why we decided to use compost toilets. Under the toilet seat on the toilet seat surface, there is a standard plastic container with a capacity of 60 litres (grey-white in the picture). As soon as this container is full of human excrement, it has to be replaced with an empty container. This process takes place at the back of the toilet building. It is advantageous to process the contents of the container into valuable compost. If this is not desired, the contents must be disposed of in a landfill.