Eco Dry Toilet

Dry toilets are toilets without flushing. They are widespread in poor countries because there is no water for flushing. 
For the disposal of excreta, it is often impossible to build a faecal pit in densely populated regions without a sewage system. In such a situation, it is advisable to collect the excreta in a container under the toilet opening. The necessary containers can be obtained for little money in most countries.   For the disposal of the contents there are two possibilities:

  • Emptying in a suitable landfill.
  • Emptying at a dedicated composting facility. The valuable fertiliser produced by composting will promote the growth of your plants. 

The instructions for composting can be found with the link in the brochure "Instructions for composting".
The urinal in the picture can be dispensed with if not needed. However, a facility for washing hands is important. 
The waste water from washing hands and from the urinal can usually be disposed of in a soakaway.