Completed projects for drinking water, toilet and photovoltaic systems 

Enclosed we give you an overview of the development aid projects which have been supported by us. For the most part we also planned the concept and organized the realization. Only local companies were commissioned with the construction of the plants. More information on these projects can be found in the respective PDF documentations. 

Toilets and drinking water supply for Lovikopé in northern Togo, West Africa 

The Swiss association Togo Assist has built up a primary school in the remote village of Lovikopé, which is being run successfully. 

Our task was to plan and build a toilet facility for the school and a drinking water supply for the whole village. The material for the water tower, the water pumping system and the water supply network was delivered to Lovikopé from Switzerland. Part of this material has been donated to us by suppliers from our industry. The work on site was carried out by a local contractor. 

Pump house and water tower with 2 water tanks 5000 L

PDF Watersystem

Main water point in the village

Boy toilet with urinal and hand washing facility for good hygiene 

PDF Toilets

A small waterworks with solar power for Breü, a village in the Amazon region of Peru

Breü is a remote, poorly accessible settlement in the Amazon lowlands. A stream with murky water was the only way for the inhabitants to obtain water for their daily needs. Together with the Swiss Mission Indicamino, we supported the construction of a small solar-powered water supply system.  

The water pump and the water tank with 1000 L. The system can be operated with solar power or by hand,

The small waterworks with solar drive.

PDF for more Information

The inhabitants are happy about the water point with clean drinking water in the village.

Drinking water, toilets and photovoltaics for the Gilgal Primary School in Namaliri, Uganda

The small one-man village school has developed over the years into a school with more than 500 pupils and teachers through the activities of the Swiss Seroma Association
Due to the growth of the school, the basic sanitary facilities had to be urgently expanded.

Our project included the construction of a drinking water supply and toilets in two stages.

In a third stage, a solar power system was planned and installed according to our specifications. This will enable at least the operation of the groundwater pump and emergency lighting to be maintained in the event of frequent power failures.

The new water tower 

The photovoltaic system